Make your home
actually smart.

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Keep your home in check.

Beam is a new way to manage your devices. It uses Apple HomeKit to view everything with one beautiful, accessible interface. First, install your smart devices through their manufacturer's applications. Every time you want to control your home's devices, you simply open Beam and they automatically appear.

Prefer that to managing things from a bunch of different apps?
Us too.

Convenient control
Control your home’s comfort and safety with a tap.
Peace of mind
Quickly check up on your home, wherever you are.
Fully tested
Beam is thoroughly tested to just work. We mean it.

Built by tech geeks who wanted this for our homes.

We're a group of designers, developers, and makers who found ourselves frustrated by the home automation products on the market. It's why we built our own. We thought you should be able to control your home with intuitive gestures. And that the technology should be easy for anyone to pick up and use.

Beam will evolve as HomeKit does, especially with support for new devices. You'll be able to organize devices by rooms and zones, and set preferences by activities, like going on vacation or going to bed. A home that’s safer and more comfortable makes everyone happy.

Smart Products
on our list
Check out some of our recommended products to use with Beam.
Ecobee3 Lutron Bridge iHome Smart Plug

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What HomeKit does

Not entirely sure how homekit works? We get it. It's new.

HomeKit is a framework from Apple that lets devices in your home communicate, and lets you control them with your iOS devices. You can discover HomeKit devices and set them up exactly how you want them to work. You can also control them using Siri. Go ahead, tell your house what to do.
Beam helps it listen.

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